SecureTech Congress 2018


Ensuring security in cyberspace is becoming a challenge for businesses and the functioning of public sector institutions – which is why, for the second time, we invite you to attend the SecureTech Congress on 18th April 2018 at Sheraton Warsaw Hotel.

During the second edition, presentations will include processes and technologies based on a proactive and reactive approach to cyber attacks, including: cyber risk management programs, effective control mechanisms for the most sensitive data of the organisation and forms of integrating IT and business data. Particular emphasis will be put on operational risk management – including adaptation of activities to changing cyber threats. We focus on security, resilience and vigilance of enterprises and public administration.

Speakers who have confirmed their attendance of the second edition of the SecureTech Congress include:

  • Krzysztof Silicki, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Digital Affairs,
  • Juliusz Brzostek, Director of NC Cyber at NASK SA,
  • Grzegorz Małecki, Former Head of Polish Foreign Intelligence Agency, Director of Cybersecurity,
  • Francesco Chiarini, Global Cybersecurity Incident Response, PepsiCo,
  • Mirosław Burnejko, Co-Owner and CEO, Chmurowisko,
  • Akhil Handa, Head – Public Cloud Sales, Palo Alto Networks.

The conclusion to the first day of the Congress is the SecureTech & Big Data Night Gala, during which awards will be given to companies and enterprises who have promoted solutions for cybersecurity in Poland in a significant way. The winners will be selected by an independent Comptetition Jury in the following categories:

  • SecureTech Future
  • SecureTech Work Places
  • SecureTech Project
  • SecureTech Best Practice

Nominations can be sent via the form on the page.

We encourage you to look at the photo gallery and video of the previous edition of the SecureTech Congress.

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