‘Round the World Expedition 2018-2024’

On Thursday evening the Drivenfar team of amateur explorers met with the audience at the “Praha” cinema. The meeting was the inauguration of the first stage of ‘Round the World Expedition 2018-2024’ which starts on June 6th. The team consists of nine participants traveling in three cars. The journey will last three weeks, during which the team will cover the distance of about 17,000 km, between Poland, Russia and Japan.

During the meeting, the participants of the expedition presented their cars – 3 Toyotas Land Cruiser and talked about their preparations for the expedition. It is not only an amazing adventure for each of Drivenfar members, but also the fulfillment of their dreams. The participants of the expedition highlighted that their goal is not to take profits from this travel. Freedom, adventure and friendship are the most important things for them. The team talked about the principles that guide them during the journey, about the importance of democracy and the duties of individual members of the expedition. In their everyday life each participant of the expedition works on schedule, which is why during this trip they decided to trust spontaneity and freedom in making choices to achieve their goal. During the meeting the audience asked a lot of questions about the expedition and issues related to i.e. fuel refueling, hygiene, possible car breakdowns or safety.

At the end, Rajmund Węgrzynek – Managing Director of Tétris, thanked everyone who helped the Drivenfar team in preparations to the expedition, and all those who supported them with their presence and warm words.

During the expedition observers will be able to follow the travelers and their route on Drivenfar’s social networks and at www.drivenfar.com, where the coverage will be published on a regular basis, as well as on the YouTube video channel. The gentlemen expressed hope that their expedition through Russia would inspire others who dream about unusual journeys. The challenge that Drivenfar has taken up motivates others to pursue our dreams. Everything is possible!

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