139,000 ‘illegal’ Volkswagens in Poland

Image: Wikipedia

Minister of Environment Maciej Grabowski informed that as many as 139,000 Volkswagen Group cars that might exceed emission norms have entered the Polish market. Of that figure, 66,870 were Volkswagens, 58,890 were Skodas, while Audis and Seats amounted to 12,049 and 3,694  respectively. The numbers were provided by Volkswagen Group itself.

Grabowski said that he has already contacted other EU environment ministers and the issue of breaching emission norms by VW will be debated at the next sitting of the Environment Council.  When asked if Poland plans to ban registration of Volkswagen Group cars, he said that until now this solution has not been discussed. He admitted though that the homologation can be temporary suspended, but the decision has to be made on an EU-level.

The US revealed on September 18 that Volkswagen had programmed its turbocharged direct injection (TDI) diesel engine models for years 2009 through 2015  so that US standards nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions were met only during laboratory emissions testing. NOx emissions during driving were up to 35 times higher. On September 22, the company admitted that the software was also installed in vehicles sold outside the US. As many as 11 mln VW cars all over the world may be affected by the scam.


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