14% of Poles up to 24 years old are in debt

More than half a million young Poles aged between 18 and 24 are already in debt, Mariusz Cholewa, the head of the Bureau for Credit Information (BIK) informed. In their age group they make up 14,4 percent and the total amount of their debt amounts to PLN 6 billion. The average debt of a young Pole amounts to PLN 11,500.

Youngsters from western and northern Poland tend to take more loans, although repayment is better in the South. Men tend to run into debt more often than women, 16 percent compared to 13 percent respectively. Women are inclined to pay off their debts more earnestly. The repayment of around 11 percent of all loans is delayed by more than 90 days. For comparison among all borrowers this percantage equals 9,6.

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