18% of food producers are eying acquisitions

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Almost a fifth (18 percent) of agricultural and food producers in Poland are planning acquisitions of their competitors within the next three years, in order to boost their company’s exports, advisory KPMG stated. Most acquisitions are focused on the CEE markets. “Almost eight out of 10 companies with M&A plans in the nearest perspective claim that the direct motivation for the move is access to local resources,” said Piotr Grauer, director at Deal Advisory team at KPMG. “Acquiring a local production facility is also important for most firms (68 percent) as is the acquisition of a local, known brand (58 percent). Taking over distribution channels on a foreign market is of significance for 53 percent of companies polled,” he added.

Food and agricultural exports stood at €24.1 billion in 2016, marking a 9.4 percent increase. Food and produce account for over 13 percent of Polish exports.

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