1st CEE Real Estate Management Congress – 26th/27th of October on PGE Narodowy

Follow the path of professional management of commercial properties  and implement efficient strategic management, by following the best examples. Learn, how to combine facility, property and asset management to manage properties in an efficient and conscious way.

Get to know the full spectrum of modern methods, tools and outlines of property management. Reach your goals on the basis of validated strategies and learn from the best. Join us during the only trade event fully dedicated to real estate professionals. The event is organized by the editorial board of the “Real Estate Manager” magazine.

More than 400 professionals, who manage commercial properties all over Poland, will take part in this year event. Among them, almost forty lecturers from Poland and abroad, will conduct 8 thematic panels dedicated to real estate management.

What will you learn during the congress?

Experts from all over Europe will discuss , among the others, the role of facility management in generating, millions worth, optimizations in public administration, and much more. Buildings’ service contracts assumptions and their influence on the comfort of both renters and users will undergo a deep analysis. The role of providers and services market, in building a fully-fledged management system, will be taken in consideration.

One of the main subjects, will be the role of establishing good practices and market education on the way to achieve advantage in the fields of facility, property and asset management. The lecturers and participants will discuss the role of communication in the process of management, based on modern IT solutions, and partnership between renters-facility managers- administrators and buildings’ owners.

The matters of commercialization ,as a crucial factor in a successful business project, and the issue of maintaining value of an object throughout time will turn out to be crucial for both owners mad administrators.

 An efficient  outsourcer module

Apart from the subjects dedicated to real-estate, the participants  may take part in the professional thematic path dedicated to the area of outsourcing.  Choose the most interesting issues from the agenda and get to know how to, by using external resources, create the development of your organization and expedite your own processes.

For whom?

All professionals, who are interested in networking, broadening their horizons and acquiring invaluable knowledge on managing real estate are invited.

Networking in a mobile app

In order to blend the congress participants together the organizers will hand them a mobile app, which will allow them to get to know each other better. This handy tool will, certainly, further for starting many acquaintances.

For more details check: http://remcongress.pl/.



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