2 Polish companies in Startup Contest finals at infoShare 2018 in Gdańsk

Five innovative companies, including two from Poland, found themselves in the Startup Contest finals, a competition for startups organized as part of the infoShare conference in Gdańsk. The main prize is EUR 20,000.

The two Polish startups – Biolumo and FinAi – are joined by companies from Austria, Israel and the UK. They were selected from 20 previously nominated start-ups. Overall, a record number of start-ups, up to almost 500 from over 40 countries, entered the competition this year at Startup Contest.

The winner of this year’s Startup Contest will be announced on Wednesday.

The infoShare 2018 conference is the largest event in Central and Eastern Europe dedicated to start-ups and trends and innovations in the area of technology. International experts from Microsoft, Google, Intel, Wipro and LPP were invited to speak.

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