25k payment terminals installed in Cashless Poland Program

Over the first four months of the Cashless Poland Program 25,000 payment terminals were installed in 4,000 towns across the country, the Cashless Poland Foundation (FPB) informed. Nearly a third (32.2 percent) of businesses which installed terminals were non-food stores (footwear, clothes, electronics etc.), while 26.4 percent were service providers (hairdressers, car mechanics, beauty salons). Grocery stores came in third with 11 percent.
The average value of a cashless transaction effected with the use of terminals installed within the program was PLN 53. “It is PLN 15.5 less than the average value of cashless transaction in Q4 2017, as reported by GUS. It means that we pay by credit card more frequently and often in form of contactless payments for small purchases and services,” the foundation said.

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