56% of Poles prefer cashless payments

Over a half of Poles (56 percent) prefer to pay without using cash, and consider payment card and smartphone as the most convenient methods of payment, according to a study conducted for eService. Only 31 percent of those polled prefer cash to cashless payments. The preferred methods of payment are as follows: payment card (indicated by 86 percent of the respondents), cash (61 percent), smartphone (52 percent) and bank transfer (15 percent). Cashless payments are the method of choice mainly for men (60 percent) and for people aged 35-44 (62 percent). Groups that prefer cash are people aged 18-24 (37 percent) and residents of rural areas (34 percent). “Most Poles chose cashless payments, while cash is preferred only for payments below PLN 10,” said Joanna Seklecka, head of the electronic payment services center at eService.

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