75% of Poles are concerned about climate change – EIB

Image : shutterstock

75 percent of Polish citizens are concerned about climate change, while the EU average is 78 percent, according to the European Investment Bank (EIB). 40 percent of Poles believe that climate change is already a threat to humanity compared to the EU average of 59 percent. In general, Southern Europeans are very concerned about climate change, and Northern Europeans are less worried.

In Poland, 49 percent believe that climate change results mainly from human activity, and only 12 percent think that climate change is caused by natural changes in the environment. The research also showed that in the majority of European countries the younger generation is more aware of climate change than the older, while in Poland it is the opposite: 48 percent of Poles aged 35-54 think that climate change is a threat to humanity, whereas among younger people (18-34) only 34 percent believe so.

“In comparison with Americans and Chinese, Europeans understand climate change much better,” the report added. 78 percent of Europeans expressed their concerns or fears about climate change versus 65 percent of Chinese and 63 percent of Americans. Only a small percentage of Europeans are skeptical about climate change: 6 percent are not sure if climate change actually occurs and 1 percent denies it.

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