97% of Polish taxpayers fall in the first tax bracket – Finance Ministry

The incomes of 23.9 million Poles, or 97 percent of taxpayers taxed on a progressive scale, did not exceed PLN 85,528 and fell in the first tax bracket. This is according to data published on Friday by the Ministry of Finance (MF) on personal income tax (PIT) calculations for last year.

Incomes in the first bracket are taxed at a rate of 18 percent. MF data indicates that slightly under 3 percent (710,500) of taxpayers reported incomes above the PLN 85,528 threshold, subject to a 32 percent tax rate.

The MF reports that taxpayers using the progressive tax scale had a total income of PLN 759.67 billion, and owed tax totaling PLN 59.28 billion. The average taxable income was PLN 28,189, while the average tax payable came to PLN 2,400, which means an effective tax rate of only 8.51 percent.

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