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Pierre Gagnaire, one of the most award-winning kitchen chefs in the world, accompanied by Andrea Camastra, 1 Michelin star, chef at the Senses restaurant in Warsaw, and Maciej Majewski, chef at La Brasserie Moderne, will prepare an exceptional dinner during the Gala of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce (CCIFP). For the first time in Poland, chefs boasting altogether 4 Michelin stars shall prepare their dishes in one kitchen.

The annual Gala of the CCIFP, gathering every year almost 500 people from the French-Polish business community, as well as from the world of politics, culture and the media shall take place on February 3rd. This year, the ceremony will not only be an excellent occasion to make valuable contacts, but will above all offer outstanding taste sensations. The exceptional menu, combining Polish and French culinary traditions, will be prepared by three remarkable chefs: Pierre Gagnaire, Andrea Camastra and Maciej Majewski. Various cooking practices, techniques and styles will interact in the dishes served during the gala of the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Pierre Gagnaire is one of the most outstanding chefs in the world, taking care of 13 restaurants located on several continents, totalling 13 Michelin stars. He is the author of many books and innovative recipes, inspiring many chefs and amateurs of cooking. His restaurants are located e.g. in London, Hong-Kong, Berlin, Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo and Las Vegas. In 2015, Pierre Gagnaire was selected best chef of the world by the Le Chef magazine, based on votes of chefs boasting 2 or 3 Michelin stars.

Andrea Camastra is the chef and co-owner of the Senses restaurant, on the Diners Club® 50 Best Discovery Series list and one of the two restaurants in Poland honoured by 1 Michelin star in 2016. He was born in Bari (Italy) in a Franco-Italian family. Since more than 20 years, he has gained his experience in the very best restaurants in Poland and abroad. His personal and professional experience led him to a cosmopolitan, energetic and extremely creative cuisine.

Maciej Majewski gained his experience while participating in various trainings, workshops and internships, also in France. In 2014, he became the chef of the La Brasserie Moderne restaurant in Warsaw, creating it from scratch. His preferred cooking style is the modern Polish-French cuisine, based on best quality seasonal ingredients. Maciej Majewski and the restaurant have received many prestigious awards, including the Wine & Food Noble Night 2016 awarded by Noble Bank and Noble Concierge.

The CCIFP Gala is one of the most important annual events organised by the French-Polish Chamber of Commerce, associating almost 460 Polish and French companies. It is worth noting that France is one of the biggest foreign investors in our country and that the cumulative value of French investments amounts to almost 18 billion euros, resulting in 250.000 new jobs. The Gala is therefore an excellent occasion to promote France in Poland and to facilitate contacts between Polish and French entrepreneurs.
Find out more: www.ccifp.pl

Andrea Camastra

Andrea Camastra

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