A single-word tweet boosts CD Projekt shares by 6 percent

Still of Cyberpunk 2077 promotional feature by CD ProjektImage : CD Projekt

After over four years of inactivity, the Twitter account for the WSE-listed CD Projekt game Cyberpunk 2077 tweeted a word “beep,” and the company’s shares the following day gained over 6 percent.

Investors were expecting that this is a first sign that more details about the long-anticipated game would be revealed, including possible its release date. However, the developer later confirmed that the tweet was made to mark the fifth anniversary of the game’s teaser trailer release.

Cyberpunk 2077, first announced in 2012, but no release date was announced so far. Although a funding application from last year, noted that the release could potentially take place in 2019.

In November last year, a number of alleged former CD Projekt employees claimed that the game development faces a number of serious problems including employee shortage, technical issues with the game engine, and general project mismanagement by the studio, which could push the game release beyond 2020. CD Projekt denied all of the accusations calling them “completely untrue.”

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