Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival 2017 – only one week left!

The Al Khalediah European Arabian Horse Festival (AKEAHF) will be celebrating its 4th edition on the third weekend of August. The show, during which the beauty of Arabian horses will be closely inspected, will take place on the grounds of the Al Khalediah Poland stud in Nowe Wrońska near Warsaw (18-19th of August). The Festival will be closed off with a race for the most valiant Arabians at Warsaw’s Służewiec Racetrack (20th of August). Both forms of competition are extremely popular in the Middle East, the cradle of the Arabian horse. The Festival is a true gala for Arabian horse enthusiasts, with many Polish and European equine stars.

The Festival’s organizer is Al Khalediah Poland – the Polish branch of the Arabian horse breeding powerhouse that is Al Khalediah Stable, the host of the great international horse festival near Riyadh – the PSAIAHF. Al Khalediah Poland is managed by Director Hubert Kulesza. As Director Kulesza emphasizes, the origins of Polish-Saudi relations can be found as early as the beginning of the 19th century, despite the fact that at the time both countries did not formally exist. However it was then that the representatives of the aristocratic Sanguszko, Branicki, Rzewuski and Dzieduszycki clans began organizing expeditions in search of horses to the Arabian Peninsula. Since then the bonds between both countries had their ups (the 30s of the past century) and downs (the communist era). „The first decade of the 21st century brought a noticeable intensification of Polish and Saudi relations”, says Director Kulesza. „But what would those relations be without their source, which has historically always been the Arabian horse? Diplomatic and business activities are accompanied by lively contacts between Polish and Saudi breeders of Arabian horses. These have resulted, among others, in spectacular purchases of pure bred horses in Poland by Saudi Arabians.”

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„History has in a way come full circle”, continues Director Kulesza. „Arabian horses that made their way in the 19th century from the Nejd desert to distant Poland have now begun returning to their original birthplace due to the superb Polish breeding concept. Today the majority of Saudi Arabians regard Poland as the second homeland of their national heritage, which are Arabian horses.”

Naturally set among the Masovian country landscape, the Al Khalediah Poland stud in Nowe Wrońska is an excellent place for breeding horses. The organized here Festival is an outdoor event giving equine enthusiasts the opportunity to spend time close to nature and in comfortable surroundings. Poles are widely aware of the state stud in Janów Podlaski, which each year draws guests for the National Championship and prestigious Arabian horse auction. However it is only Polish horses that can compete for the titles. Meanwhile guests at Nowe Wrońska will have a chance to witness contenders from nearly all over the world. During the show (Friday-Saturday) we can expect huge emotions – one of the reasons are the valuable prizes. There will be six championships held in total: yearling fillies, yearling colts, junior fillies, junior stallions, senior mares and senior stallions. The overall prize pool this year is about 700 thousand PLN (about 170000 euro).

The hosts hope that the exhibitors and guests will appreciate the rustic atmosphere of the Mazovian countryside, as well as the excellent organization of the event. „We want guests and exhibitors to leave with a feeling of happiness”, declares Director Kulesza. „We are organizing the Festival not for ourselves, but mainly for breeders who now have a prestigious, international show in Poland and don’t have to travel 2 thousand km to high-ranked shows. We believe that our show is seen as such and that it will draw, like last year, more than a hundred horses.”

August 18th-19th  Arabian Horse Show, Nowe Wrońska near Warsaw

August 20th  Al Khalediah Poland Cup, Służewiec Race Track, Warsaw

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