Alior Bank appoints new president

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority has unanimously agreed to appoint Katarzyna Sułkowska to the position of President of Alior Bank, the Commission announced on Tuesday.

On March 12 this year, Alior Bank’s supervisory board, after accepting the resignation of Michał Chyczewski from the position of the vice-president of the board and the president of Alior Bank, entrusted the management of the board with the vice-president Katarzyna Sułkowska.

Sułkowska graduated from Kraków University of Economics with a degree in finance and banking. She has been associated with Alior Bank since its inception in 2008. She was the co-author of Alior Bank’s strategy for 2017-2020.

Alior Bank is a universal deposit and credit bank that services individuals, legal entities and other domestic and foreign entities. The bank’s basic operations include maintaining bank accounts, granting loans and cash loans, issuing bank securities, and conducting purchases and sales of foreign exchange values.

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