Alternative fuel car registrations up by 18.7% y/y in Q2

The number of new passenger cars using alternative fuels registered in Poland was 7,796 units in the second quarter of this year, which means an increase of 18.7 percent y/y, the European Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) reported.

The number of new battery-powered electric cars amounted to 130 (an increase of 120.3 percent y/y), the number of plug-in hybrid cars was 200 (an increase of 28.2 percent y/y). The number of registrations of remaining hybrids in the second quarter is 5,306 (an increase of 40.2 percent y/y), and the number of cars with other alternative fuels was 2,160 (down by 16 percent y/y).

Throughout the EU (excluding Malta), the demand for new passenger cars with alternative fuel sources increased in Q2 this year by 44.3 percent y/y to 294,690.

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