Another record year in the making?

The Polish office market is flourishing. After the record-breaking year of 2016 when a whopping 691,000 square metres of new offices hit the market, the current year promises to be just as good if not better.

1.66 mln sq m is currently under construction, including as much as 965,000 sq m in the regional markets – such developer activity in the regions has never been seen before. Cities like Wrocław or Kraków are bright spots in the global map of BPO/SSC investments, but Poznań, the Tri-City or Łódź are also actively courting tenants from the outsourcing industry. Overall, the share of the modern business services sector in total demand in markets outside of Warsaw was 57 percent – while in Wrocław and Kraków it stood at respectively 74 and 69 percent. Warsaw is not slowing down either – although there has been a lot of talk in recent months that the capital may face a crisis of oversupply of new offices, in the first quarter of 2017 demand was a whopping 36 percent higher than in the corresponding period of the previous year. According to JLL consultancy, it is a very good sign as the start of the year has so far always been a period of low tenant activity and the second half of the year could be even better.

The Polish economy is in good health and developers are trying to take advantage of it. But compared to the previous boom in the office market at the beginning of the century, preferences and requirements of tenants have significantly changed. New things, like coworking or hotdesking, have appeared; completely new groups of customers, like the above mentioned outsourcing companies or start-ups, have emerged. The awareness of the need for buildings to be environmentally friendly and for office buildings to be built so that they create a valuable urban fabric has increased among both tenants and developers. These very trends and changes, as well as possible future scenarios for the office market, will be the topics of discussions during the jubilee, 10th edition of the “Office Buildings in Poland” conference, to be organized by Nowy Adres S.A. at the Hilton Hotel in Warsaw on 23-24 October 2017. These biggest and most prestigious meetings for this sector of the real estate market attract more than 300 guests each year – office developers, consultancies, architects, representatives of banks and foreign investment funds, companies offering furniture and interior decor, analysts, industry journalists and many more. In addition to an extensive programme of the conference, the possibility to use the special Match Maker software is a clear asset of the event. It allows you to arrange business meetings with other participants of “Office Buildings in Poland”, which can create opportunities to establish new, precious business contacts.

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