Apple to sue Polish firm

Image :wikimedia

Apple claims that the pronunciation of internet domain of Polish company AP.PL sounds completely the same as Apple’s trademark, reported.

Apple has sent a 600-page long law suit to Artur Janiszewski, the owner of the firm demanding giving away the domain free of charge.  Janiszewski asserted that the company has been using it for 13 years to run Art Production company and had no intention of causing any speculations.

Apple offered buying the domain for $6,000, but Janiszewski did not accept it, as it was “ridiculously low.” Daniel Dryzek, the investor in the market of internet domains told the web portal that AP.PL is worth from a few dozens of thousand zlotys to several hundred thousand.

Currently, the case is a subject of the Arbitration Court at the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunication proceedings.

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