Armed with knowledge they are going to war with competitors

The conference “Win the war in Business”, which recently has taken place in Warsaw Business Link headquarters was successfully finished. Participants gathered for nearly six hours were considering how to outwit the competition and achieve a final victory. They were accompanied by general Tadeusz Wilecki, a special guest of the conference.

The presence of general Wilecki was by no means an accident. For a long time he has operated in business environment, sharing his expertise of leadership. He gained experience in the 90s, leading the General Staff of the Polish Army. – For one day, we all will feel like soldiers of the Staff and we will work over the strategy – said at the opening, Gregory Furtak, a businessman and the organizer of the conference.

The emphasis was put on the issue of leadership. General Wilecki argued that the essential characteristic of a leader was the ability of cool calculation and not giving into emotions. – He should also behave fair to their subordinates, because otherwise he pushes them into the arms of the enemy – he added.

Picking employees, however, is not always a good idea. – In my case, it was not the best decision. If someone shares his knowledge gained in previous company, there is a risk that he will do it again. An employee of competition is really needed only for a moment, until he tells us everything we want to know – said one of the participants of the conference. – We never know if the case is not a Trojan horse – added general Wilecki.

Gen. Wilecki pointed out that the structure of the team must be adapted to the purpose and the quality of the job. Once the tank crew consisted of fifteen people, because the technique was so. Today there are three, and sometimes even two people – he said. In his opinion, the most important thing is a healthy atmosphere in the team, which prevents conflicts. – After forty years of service I report that I had only a few open conflicts with employees – confessed with a smile general.

Business discussion took place in the formula of the workshops. The breaks were filled with military anecdotes told willingly by general Wilecki. – Please do not cite only the one about Pilsudski and Anders, because I might have told it in too military jargon – he joked. Conference participants often referred to the statements of the general and during the breaks they asked him many questions.

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