Atal hopes to raise more money for acquisitions

Warsaw Stock Exchange-listed developer Atal plans to issue bonds valued at up to PLN 70 million. The company wants to earmark the capital raised through the issuance for the acquisition of land for future projects and the purchase of selected schemes. Last year, Atal spent PLN 232.3 million on sites, the highest figure in the company’s history. The developer acquired a total of 14 plots of land in Warsaw, Kraków, Katowice, Wrocław, Poznań and the Tri-city. One can expect a similar level of expenditure on land this year, provided that attractively priced and well located sites are available, said vice president of the management board Mateusz Juroszek. In March and October 2017, Atal issued bonds valued at PLN 40 million and PLN 80 million respectively.

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