Auschwitz asks visitors not to play ‘Pokémon Go’

Image:émon GO

The Auschwitz Memorial has asked Pokémon Go gamers not to play the popular app on its premises, saying it is “disrespectful” and “not appropriate,” reported.

Pokémon Go is a new game for mobile devices which makes use of GPS and the camera to allow the gamers to catch and train virtual Pokémon, who appear in the real world.

New York magazine said the person who reported the presence of Pokémon in Auschwitz, also noted there was a “blue square thing” at the concentration camp, indicating the area is probably a PokéStop.

A spokesman for the Auschwitz Memorial said the presence of the game was “absolutely inappropriate.”

“Allowing such games to be active on the site of Auschwitz Memorial is disrespectful to the memory of the victims of the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp on many levels,” Paweł Sawicki said, adding that creators of the app had been asked “not to allow the site of Auschwitz Memorial and other similar sites to be included in the game.”

Other gamers claimed to have found Pokémon at the Holocaust Museum in Washington.

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