Locked content PGNiG: Gas sales volume was estimated at 5.63 billion m3 in Q2

Gas producer PGNiG recorded estimated sales volume of natural gas of 14.49 billion cubic meters in the first half of 2017 compared to 12.68 billion cubic meters recorded in the first half of 2016, PGNiG said. Just in Q2 , sales were estimated at 5.63 billion cubic meters compared to 4.71 billion cub...

Locked content Kernel Holding increases grain sales by 14.8% y/y

Kernel Holding increased its grain sales by 14.8 percent year-on-year to 5.06 million tons in H1 of the fiscal year 2016/2017 (concluded on June 30, 2017). The sales of bulk oil increased by 10.1 percent y/y (1.08 million tons). The sales of bottled oil increased by 40.3 percent y/y (131.4 million l...

Locked content Briju with estimated PLN 50.6 million revenue in H1 2017

The estimated value of revenue from sales generated by the Briju group in the period from January to June 2017 amounted to PLN 50.6 million and was 85.6 percent lower year-on-year, the company said. In the jewelry segment the estimated revenue stood at PLN 5.4 million in June 2017 and was 58.8 perce...

Sejm passes controversial judiciary system overhaul

Amidst controversy, the Sejm has passed the vote on judiciary reforms, with 235 votes in favor, 192 against and 23 abstentions. The new law will allow for the immediate forced retirement of all Supreme Court judges and their president, whose term is set in the constitution. It will also create three...

Future of HealthTech

WBJ talked to Dr. Zsuzsanna Varga, global program manager Grants4apps at Bayer and Bogusław Tobiasz, head of IT for CEE at Bayer about the potential of healthtech start-ups in CEE and Europe

Health tech roundup

Many Polish medical tech firms have already made a name for themselves. Recently, WSE-listed Infoscan filed with the Food and Drug Administration to have their sleep apnea monitors certified for sale in the US market. Another listed company, Medicalgorithmics, the producer of portable ECG devices, h...
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Buy smart, get smart

Poland is already producing a quarter of Europe’s household appliances, and the industry is going from strength to strength. There are challenges ahead, but with challenges come great opportunities. Can Poland become the “Silicon Valley” of home appliances?
Alain Dehaze for web

Bridging the skill gap

WBJ asked Alain Dehaze, CEO of The Adecco Group, about the causes of youth unemployment in Poland, despite the record low rates and the challenges the job market will have to face in the future
Juan Maria Porcar is Senior Vice-President, Services Business Group, at Fujitsu Technology Solutions

The digital era

WBJ talks to Juan Maria Porcar, the VP and Head of Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS and Africa at Fujitsu, about the digital age

Locked content Stokrotka sales 8.9% up y/y in April

Sales of retail chain Stokrotka, part of Emperia Holding, increased in April by approx. 8.9 percent y/y reaching PLN 209 million, Emperia stated in a market filing. Revenue for the January-April period amounted to PLN 796 million, a 4.3 increases y/y. In April, the chain opened three new stores: two...