Quality over quantity

There is no city like it. Warsaw’s patchwork history has resulted in an urban landscape that is different from any other in Europe. It’s high time to start focusing on the quality of the city’s design

My word is my bond

On June 22, 2015, Ghelamco’s latest bond issue (series PPC) worth PLN 30 million became officially oversubscribed after the offer had been open to the public for a total of five days. Does this success show a pool of previously untapped private investors keen to locate their life savings in corporat...

Pole’s digital health

Poles are changing their attitudes towards healthcare. Patient expectations are evolving, thanks to the development of the internet and social networks, leading to more awareness regarding patients’ rights

The Greek drama. Poland as acute spectator

Greece is sinking. The Greek default is usually described in the present, not the past tense. The agreement signed between Greece and its creditors basically boils down to money transfers in exchange for reforms. And Poles, who are observing this process, in comparison seem to be a B student, who is...

Southern exposure

Africa is recording spectacular rates of growth and is attracting investments from many corners of the world. Will Polish companies join the race and tap the continent’s potential?

Competitive Edge

WBJ Observer talked with Agnieszka Rynkowska, marketing and operations director at Microsoft Poland about innovations and how Poland can catch up with the West

Amicable affiliation

WBJ met with Ambassador Ajay Bisaria in India’s new Embassy in Warsaw to discuss economic and cultural bonds between the two nations