Chinese equity fund will invest in Polish infrastructure

CEE Equity, based in Warsaw, will invest USD 2 billion in Polish infrastructure projects, such as roads, waste disposal facilities, solar and wind energy among others, wrote Puls Biznesu. According to the managing director of CEE Equity, Rafał Andrzejewski, the fund will have more time to invest the...

Orlen CEO apologizes for tapes and takes aim at Wprost

In a personal statement published by PKN Orlen, the company’s CEO, Jacek Krawiec, apologizes for his statements which were heard during discussions recorded in the tape scandal. At the same time, he scolded the publisher of the tapes, Wprost magazine, for over-reaching boundaries of journalistic int...

Tusk: all sides are at risk

People who are in possession of the incriminating recordings are seeking to undermine the authority of the state, said Tusk. Opposition parties who are calling for a vote of no confidence and a resignation of the PO government, need to weigh their words, as the illegal tapes may prove to be just as ...

The shale gas bubble

Three years ago, Poland seemed on the verge of an energy boom powered by the vast shale gas reserves it was reported to hold. Did that prove to be wishful thinking?

Spirited Away

In the mid 1990s, Poland was flowing with vodka. There were then some 1,000 distilleries in the country, but that number has now dropped to a mere 100 as producers struggle to make ends meet

A label to reckon with

We all travel. But not all of us travel in style. WBJ Observer investigates Metka by Traczka, a lingerie baggie business and the brainchild of Anna Traczewska, a marketing professional turned style guru

The brains that work for the heart

While still at university, Marek Dziubiński developed a passion for algorithms. His “journey of a lifetime” has taken him to the position of president of an innovative medical equipment company that exports to the US. And this is just the beginning

Science funding: in need of a strategy

Professor Wojciech Bal is research group leader of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics in the Polish Academy of Sciences, and is a member of Obywatele Nauki (Citizens of Academia), a civic movement that promotes change in the scientific and academic environment.

Poland’s innovation complex

Remember the scene from Back to the Future III, when Clara Clayton, Doc Brown’s lady-friend, beautifully portrayed by Mary Steenburgen, is trying to hitch a ride on the 88-mph train heading straight for 1985? The train keeps moving in leaps, leaving the poor Clara flabbergasted and gasping for air w...