Locked content European Parliament debate on Poland’s rule-of-law

MEPs debated in Brussels on possibility to introduce sanctions against Poland as a response to alleged rule-of-law violations. Spearheaded by the European Commission Vice President Frans Timmermans, discussion centered around the EU’s Article 7, which, if invoked, would strip Poland of voting ...

The majority of Polish companies plan investments this year – GUS

According to the Central Statistical Office (GUS) data, as many as 66.3 percent of industrial companies and 41.6 percent of construction entities plan to invest in 2017. In comparison, last year, only 45.6 percent of industrial firms and 31.8 percent construction ones planned such expenditures.

Locked content WSE vice president quits

Warsaw Stock Exchange’s Vice President Paweł Dziekoński, announced his decision to leave the company. “My decision is motivated by respect for the recent delegation of a new person to perform the functions of President of the Exchange Management Board and the intention, which represents good p...
Michał Krupiński

PZU sacks CEO

Poland’s biggest insurer PZU sacked its CEO Michał Krupiński, the company said in a market filing. The decision is effective immediately, while no reason for the decision was announced.

Locked content China Coal increases its stake in Bumech

China Coal Energy has increased its stake in the WSE-listed machinery producer Bumech to 9.77 percent from the previous 3.72 percent, company said in a market filing. China Coal plans to increase its ownership in the upcoming 12 months. China Coal is a Chinese coal producer, owned by the state. “Chi...

Locked content T-Bull profit on the rise. Move to main WSE market accepted

WSE-listed mobile game producer T-Bull had PLN 4.83 million net profit last year, up from PLN 1.4 million in 2015, the company said in a market filing. Operating profit stood at PLN 6.17 million vs. PLN 1.9 million in 2015. EBITDA stood at PLN 9.1 million compared to PLN 4.1 million the year before....

Locked content Ursus with PLN 17.08 mln profit in 2016

WSE-listed tractor producer Ursus, had PLN 17.08 million consolidated net profit in 2016, compared to PLN 7.72 million the year before, while operating loss amounted to PLN 2.64 million, compared to PLN 16.1 million profit in 2015. Revenue from sales dropped to PLN 284.4 million from PLN 324.4 milli...

Locked content ZUS transfers PLN 175.5 mln to OFEs this week

Poland’s Social Insurance Board (ZUS) transferred PLN 175.5 million to the open pension funds (OFE) In March transfers have so far amounted to PLN 296.6 million and in 2017 transfers have reached PLN 734.1 million. Last year, ZUS transferred PLN 2.88 billion to OFEs. Poland has been transferri...
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NIK: 80% of forex traders lost money

As many as 80 percent of Forex traders have lost their money, Poland’s Supreme Audit Office (NIK) said. Between 2012-2016, clients of Polish FX trading companies have lost PLN 2.1 billion combined.