Azoty to build coal gasification plant

Image : shutterstock

Poland’s largest chemical holding Grupa Azoty has given initial approval to build in Kędzierzyn Koźle, a PLN 2.4 billion zero-emission coal gasification plant, which would help boost local demand for coal by 1 million metric tons a year, the media reported.

Azoty informed it would make the final decision on the investment  in the first quarter of next year, after it completes a feasibility study and concludes talks with potential partners. The feasibility study is to be ready at the turn of November and December, the company also informed.

The Polish government has already approved the plan for Grupa Azoty to develop the coal gasification project valued at between PLN 1.8 billion  to 4.2 billion.

WSE-listed Grupa Azoty, Puławy-based company specializes in the production of mono-volumes of nitrogen fertilizer and one of the world’s largest producers of melamine.


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