Banks – Insurers – Fintechs – meaning the Meeting of Banking and Insurance Leaders 2018


On 10-11 April 2018 at The Westin Warsaw Hotel, the Meeting of Banking and Insurance Leaders took place, composed of: XV Banking Forum, XI Insurance Forum and VII Grand Gala – Leaders of the Banking and Insurance World. The prestigious event is an occasion to exchange knowledge, experience and discuss the future of the financial market. The conference was attended by key representatives of the banking and insurance sectors, central administration and the most important service and solution providers of these sectors.

The event was attended by more than 650 participants over two days, who had the chance to take part in 14 discussion panels, 4 firechats and 18 individual presentations.

The Meeting of Leaders started with the joint part of the Banking Forum and Insurance Forum. The role of Guest of Honor was filled by Dr Korbinian Ibel, Managing Director – Microprudential Supervision, European Central Bank. The speakers debated over the triangle of banks – insurers – fintechs, and discussed the possibility of cooperation between these three important sectors. With Poland celebrating 100 years of independence, experts from the sectors summarized what banking and insurance look like in Poland and how it can change in the near future.

Later on, the Banking Forum discussed the new regulations on the market and about entering into the cashless era. During the Insurance Forum, topics discussed include bancassurance and the influence which will come with legal regulation – or if it is already time to start deregulating the market.

The second day was about topics such as consolidation of the banking sector and the threats for banks from technological giants and fintechs. The insurance part of the forum started with a debate about a modern retirement system and comparisons between PPK and PPE. They also discussed the practical aspect of cooperation between insurers and start-ups. The day ended with a discussion about the newest technological trends for the sector, in which representatives of a few insurance companies and suppliers. Both events contained topic blocks dedicated to the contemporary customer and building relations with them, thanks to the possibilities that come with new technologies.

In the Meeting of Banking and Insurance Leaders, those who took part include: Paweł Bandurski, Joao Bras Jorge, Krzysztof Charchuła, Piotr Czarnecki, Rafał Hiszpański,  Krzysztof Kalicki, Jacek Iljin, Leszek Skiba and Anna Włodarczyk-Moczkowska.

The conclusion of the spring edition of the Banking and Insurance Forums was the VII Grand Gala – Leaders of the Banking and Insurance World, during which the individual Competition Jury, composed of recognized authorities from the sector, rewarded people and institutions for specific achievements in 2017.

We invite you to view the full photo gallery of the Meeting of Banking and Insurance Leaders 2018.
The organizer of the event is MMC Poland.


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