Bloomberg: Poland is sensitive to Brexit

Image : shutterstock

Poland is sensitive to the referendum as it’s the biggest recipient of official aid from the EU budget, to which Britain is the third-largest net contributor and the zloty rose against the euro on Monday following the last poll, Bloomberg wrote.

According to newspapers, the $36 billion of Swiss-franc mortgages owed by Poles is giving investors another reason to avoid a country they already see as among the most at risk if the UK votes to leave the European Union on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Polish deputy Foreign Minister Konrad Szymański announced that Poland is prepared whether the United Kingdom decides to stay or leave the European Union.

“The impact of a UK leave vote on the zloty may be mitigated if Poland’s government steps back from some of the policies most likely to anger international investors,” Bloomberg says.

Earlier, the National Bank of Poland stated that any course of action with regard to mortgage will destabilize the zloty.

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