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According to the National Register of Runners 2014, average Polish runner is male (61%), a resident of a large city (36%), working (78%), in his twenties or thirties. He runs for a healthy life-style, to get some rest, relax and relieve everyday stress. Running is becoming our national hobby with a growing fan base. Its potential has also been discovered by companies which ever more frequently meet the needs of their own employees – active runners. Many of these organizations have become co-organizers of the largest charity relay run in Poland which will start on September 6th on the streets of six biggest cities in the country.

Poland Business Run is a corporate run with integrating, engaging and activating power working on many levels. On the one hand the Run helps people who had their limbs amputated as a result of illness or accident, and on the other one it is also beneficial for the companies organizing the Run.

New talents for organizations

Enterprises co-organizing the Run support it not only with financial but also with human resources. They delegate their employees who have an opportunity to test themselves in completely new roles. Business analysts, accountants, auditors and financial controllers must suddenly lead the communication in social media, organize logistics of the event or take responsibility for media contacts. People who on a daily basis are required to fully focus on their independent position are to take up the challenge of leading a large group of volunteers.

Owing to its formula Poland Business Run gives employers a chance to discover new talents in their employees which later translates into better allocation of resources and promotions. When participating in subsequent stages of the project employees acquire new skills and can demonstrate their strengths in various fields of team work. By implementing good practices as part of a social initiative they develop their engagement in the company life, discover own new potential and check their competencies. As highlighted by Michał Stępień, General Manager of UBS, one of the co-organizers and initiators of the event, – Poland Business Run is for us an opportunity to test ourselves in new roles, oftentimes far from our daily work, such as communication or logistics. Already the possibility to develop in a new area is extremely valuable. For some it is also a first chance for independent project management. Systematic actions and wide range of themes of pro publico bono projects involve as many as one third of our 1500 employees. Results of internal surveys are undoubtedly the measure of the staff engagement. The surveys show that 85% of our staff would like to take part in CSR project again.

Image reinforcing tool

For many Poland Business Run is not only a tool for implementing CSR strategies but also for employer branding, i.e. creating employer’s image. Skilfully used engagement translates into integration of employees and their activation. The project is widely used in internal communication – companies integrate their staff, motivate and support them in their passion for sports. In sectors where specialized professionals are hard to get employers need to fight for their attention and for building environment fostering work-life balance. Engagement in Poland Business Run helps them make themselves visible and win competitive advantage. As Michał Stępień, UBS General Manager, emphasizes – Participation in Poland Business Run improves the sense of belonging to organization and has positive impact on our image as a company what is proven by the fact that we double the number of volunteers each year.

Cause participation in Poland Business Run is an opportunity to present a company as a responsible, engaged employer who takes care of employees’ development on various levels. Involvement in the project is used in strategies for building the image of a socially responsible enterprise.

Cementing of business involvement

As no other such initiative, Poland Business Run has the skill for consolidating business involvement. Because of the proposed formula it involves all year long and not only on the day of the run. Purchase of prostheses and leading the beneficiaries of the Jasiek Mela Foundation Beyond Horizons through the entire prosthesis implantation process, oftentimes long and very difficult, can confirm it. Permanence of relationship is proven by such positive stories as the case of Danuta Bujok – beneficiary of Poland Business Run 2014 who was employed by one of the co-organizers of the event – the Luxoft Poland Company.

– Danusia Bujok is the kind of person who infects their environment with their own enthusiasm. We met at the last year’s edition of Krakow Business Run. At that time Danusia was one of the run beneficiaries but in the course of the event we were all impressed with her positive attitude. The idea to boost this energy even more started to germinate, to give her something more than one-off support, said Kinga Misiarz, Manager for Corporate Responsibility in Luxoft Poland. – This is the reason why, a couple months later, we offered Danusia a position in Luxoft. We want to show her a totally different world, give her a chance to increase her qualifications and help her make her dreams come true. In 2016 Danusia wants to start in Rio 2016 Paralympics. This is a cream to fight for and we are happy to be able to her with it.

Involvement specifically targeted

In Poland Business Run it is important that involvement of the individuals involved in the project is targeted at helping specific beneficiaries with whom they have real contact. Seeing the results of own work they are even more motivated to grow professionally and personally. Help in making dreams of normal life come true is for them a real award. Only in 2014 thanks to the initiative 18 beneficiaries of the Foundation received assistance – 24 artificial limbs were purchased. All these people are making their dreams of normal life come true, they return to sport activities, dream of next challenges as returning to work, or of participation in… Rio 2016 Olympics.


Poland Business Run is a unique charity project which integrates and activates business environment to help others. One of the kind relay run enables thousands of people Poland wide to join their forces, develop competencies and change their lives. Great differentiator and added value of Poland Business Run are on the one hand cementing involvement of business and providing benefits on many levels of organization, and on the other one long-term activation of beneficiaries and bringing them in a short time back to social life.

Join in! Two legs are enough to help.

Pass it on!

Organizers and Sponsors of Poland Business Run:

Jasiek Mela Foundation Beyond Horizons

Kraków: Luxoft, UBS, Radisson Blue Hotel, Zarząd Infrastruktury Sportowej, Krakó, Euro Clear, Epam

Poznań: Century Link Technology Solutions, Franklin Templeton Investments, Man Accounting Center, City of Poznań, Volkswagen Group Polska, University of Economics,

Katowice: City of Katowice, Capgemini Polska Sp. z o.o., Kroll Ontrack.

Łódź: Infosys, Lean Passion, City of Łódź

Warszawa: Accenture, AIG Lincoln, Goldman Sachs, Marriott Warsaw, BNP Paribas Securities Services , MSLGROUP, HAYS, HP, Backer&McKenzie , CBRE, WTT, The Park Warsaw, PGE, City of Warszawa

Wrocław: BNY Mellon, Luxoft, Toyota Centrum Wrocław, UBS

Strategic Partners: ABSL, ARAW, eCloud24, Małgosia Baczyńska

Media Partners: Rzeczpospolita, RMF FM, Bieganie, BRIEF, Czas na bieganie, Eurobuild, Facility Manager, Harvard Business Review, MICE Poland, Outsourcing&More, Poland Today, Tak dla Zdrowia, Warsaw Business Journal.

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