Businessman on war path. The conference “Win war in business” with participation of general Tadeusz Wilecki.

Military strategies can help to win each war in business. General Tadeusz Wilecki, the former Chief of Polish Army Staff, will convict about it on November 26.  

General Wilecki will be a visitor of the special conference “Win war in business”, which will be held at Business Link Warsaw Headquarters at Mokotowska Street 1. – This is a unique event of this kind in Poland. A unique usage of military knowledge in business – encourages Grzegorz Furtak, a business coach who organizes and runs the conference. The purpose of the conference is an assistance in building an adequate background for leaders. General Wilecki will analyze, among others, similarities and differences between General Staff and company management.

The topic of conference includes several questions, among others, process of planning and decision making as well as strategies of winning. However, the issue of leadership will particularly be the focus of interest. It is very clear that it is a charismatic and wise leader who has the biggest participation in final progress. – As general I made decisions, which could have influence on operating the biggest organization that is the State. Hence, now I transfer experience that I acquired in uniform to people who strategically act in business – explains general Wilecki.

During the conference such prominent leaders as Napoleon or Alexander the Great will be analyzed. General Wilecki will also touch the topic of “Arts of wars”, the famous war treaty written by Sun Zi, a Chinese thinker. It was him who exactly ascertained that one of the ways to victory is to make on all rungs of hierarchy to exist a sense of community spirit. This principle has not lost on relevance from over 3 thousands years and it concerns army, as well as business.

We invite you to participate in the conference. All essential information is available on the website:


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