Businessmen and lawyers on tennis courts in Sobota


During the first weekend of September the Tennis Centre in Sobota near Poznań was the host of tennis struggles between entrepreneurs and lawyers from all over Poland. Under the patronage of the President of the National Chamber of Legal Advisers, President of the Business Centre Club and the President of the Polish Bar Council, the Open Tournament “Business & Law Sportgas Tennis Cup 2015” was held.

On Saturday, 5th of September, Sobota welcomed the participants with sunny, yet windy weather. However, this did not stop us from celebrating the tournament at the highest sport level. After the inauguration, the first matches began on the courts. The attendance was superb. Around 70 players played more than 110 matches in single games, men’s and women’s double games as well as mixed, which, in the group system, required tennis fans to play several matches a day. For enthusiasts, however, it was not a problem. Throughout the entire weekend of games, with many cheering spectators, we managed to select the best.

On the tournament podium stood the following players:

Open Women’s Single:

  1. Ewelina Skaza (PKP Energetyka)
  2. Jolanta Siergiej (PGNiG)
  3. Marta Krzyszczuk (Doctor)

Women’s Double:

  1. E. Skaza (PKP Energetyka)/A. Koczerska (PKP Energetyka)
  2. M. Krzyszczuk (Doctor)/D. Uciechowska (Europolgaz)
  3. P. Hydzik(Sportgas)/J. Siergiej (PGNiG)

Open VIP Men’s Single:

  1. Marek Grzegorz (Orange)
  2. Szliep Bernard (Legal Adviser)
  3. Żelazny Paweł (Orange)

Open Men’s Single:

  1. Badylowski Michał (Plus)
  2. Sztwiertnia Łukasz (Sportgas)
  3. Padło Grzegorz (PSG)

Open Men’s Double:

  1. M. Jabłoński (PGNiG)/ W. Szwankowski (PKP Energetyka)
  2. S. Mirecki (Plus)/ M. Badylowski (Plus)
  3. P. Fic (PGNiG)/ M. Stasiowski (PGNiG)

Open Mixed:

  1. M. Krzyszczuk (Doctor)/ B. Szliep (Legal Adviser)
  2. E. Skaza (PKP Energetyka)/ W. Szwankowski (PKP Energetyka)
  3. K. Zasada (Sportgas)/ M. Jabłoński (PGNiG)

During Sunday’s competition closing ceremony it could be seen that after the weekend matches in fact everyone felt somehow a winner. Especially that all the participants started the tournament with the focus on the fair play competition full of sport emotions, excellent company and personal, let us stress it, satisfaction. The organizers provided plenty of all these sensations, connecting a large group of tennis fans from various companies, including: Orange, Plus, Asseco, PGNiG, PSG, Europolgaz, PKP Energetyka, Gaz-System, legal advisers and barristers.

As emphasized by the participants themselves, the tournament provided them both with an interesting competition on courts and networking outside of them. Let us hope that these contacts will last until the next tournament, for which the organizer cordially invites you already right now.

The tournament was supported by partner companies: Arche Group, Bestar, Laban, MRC Broker, Parana.

Media coverage: Rzeczpospolita, WBJ Observer, Top Class, Chronos, Kurier Finansowy, Eden, Uroda i Medycyna.

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