Top 8 Questions to ask a job interviewer (and yourself)

So you got yourself an interview? You should expect to be asked substantial questions, and there is nothing wrong with practicing so you can make the best impression. It is no coincidence that “there is no second chance for first impression” is a common saying.

Putin named the most powerful man in the world

Earlier this month, the US business magazine Forbes, released its annual list of most powerful people in the world. “Power has been called many things. Pretty isn’t one of them.” wrote Forbes Senior Editor Caroline Howard.

Poland 35th on Corruption Perception Index

On the annual study that has been done since 1995 by Transparency International, called Corruption Perception Index (CPI), Poland scored 61/100 points, making it the 35th country in the ranking (right after Portugal and Puerto Rico) out of the 174 countries studied. Showing also that Poland has impr...

Top 30 most viewed youtube videos and the future of streaming

In the beginning of the month, Google released a statement saying that Psy’s Gangnam Style music video, broke the 2,147,483,647 youtube capacity. The limit exists since that is the most sustainable number that can be encoded by a 32-bit integrer number, said Google. Who would have guessed a vi...