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Żubrówka on its way to podium

Polish Żubrówka will make it into the top three of world’s largest vodka brands, Puls Biznesu daily reported citing Monzer Elabrashy, the CEO at Central European Distribution Corporation (CEDC) which owns Polmos Białystok, the producer of Żubrówka.
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Zień closes business

Zień is closing its last outlet in Warsaw and the company’s minority stakeholder is mulling withdrawing from the venture, Puls Biznesu daily reported. Designer and founder of the firm, Maciej Zień went to Brazil a few months ago, abandoning its business.
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Alfa Star goes bankrupt

Polish tour operator Alfa Star went bankrupt, the company announced on Saturday, August 30. Its clients have been stuck in Turkey, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and Egypt, the media reported.
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The Witcher 3 expansion pack with EU grant

The EU Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency has awarded CD Projekt RED a €150.000 worth grant within the frameworks MEDIA Development, European video Games program, to support production of the Witcher 3: Blood and Wine expansion pack.
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Record high price at Pride of Poland auction

Arabian mare named Pepita was sold for €1.4 million at Pride of Poland auction, organized annually in Janów Podlaski, the media reported. It was the highest amount paid for an Arabian horse in the history of the Polish horse breeding.