Iron Maiden leader to sell Polish “pocket jets”

Bruce Dickinson the vocalist of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden was so impressed with the Polish “pocket” business jet FLARIS LAR 1, that he said he is going to purchase some of the vehicles and cooperate with the producer in order to sell them in the UK.

Theft in Auschwitz

Two English teenagers have been detained after stealing several objects from the Museum at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Wojciechowska wins main prize in Monte Carlo

Editor-in-chief of the Polish edition of National Geographic Martyna Wojciechowaska has won the Golden Nymph award in the Current Affairs Documentary category for her film Ludzie Duchy (The Ghost People) at the 55th Festival de Télévision de Monte-Carlo.

4,200 Poles over 100 yrs. old

The Ministry of the Interior has revealed that there are currently 4,200 Poles that are at least 100 years old. The majority of these are women, numbering 3,448, while the men only 752.

Scandinavia wowed by Lewandowski

Emotions after the Polish national team’s 4:0 victory over Georgia in the UEFA Euro Championship qualifying match on Saturday were running high not only in Poland. Based on reports from Rzeczpospolita, the Polish team’s performance, and especially that of Bayern Munich striker and Polish captain Rob...