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Where are the female leaders?

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: Where are the female leaders?

Statistically, women in Poland are better educated than men. They can also boast highly developed soft skills. But there is still much work to be done on the equality of women and men in the labor market as there is a significant difference between the amount of men and women leaders. What’s more, e...
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Here for the long haul

The automotive industry is one of Poland’s top export sectors and also the second most popular industry for foreign investors. French firms have been present in Poland since the early transformation and new ones keep coming to invest in the country’s automotive potential. Meanwhile, a labor shortage...
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9 best techniques to motivate your employees!

A manager, if you were to condense his job down to one phrase, must get results. To do this he needs to convince his team to take action—and for the team to be convinced, it needs motivation. Modern, implementable psychology gives us simple and effective motivational techniques which will help you t...