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18th Belgian Days in Warsaw

18th Belgian Days in Warsaw organized by Belgian Business Chamber is a great time for businessmen seeking for opportunities to meet potential partners, clients and talk about business cooperation.

Big data – the key to success of a modern company

In the current, dynamically changing business environment, entrepreneurships endeavor to increase competitiveness. One from the elements, which determine the advantage of a modern company are data, as a matter of fact, understanding of how to use them in order to achieve previously defined goal. Con...
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FinTech changes banking sector

Digitization, technological progress, innovative business models, unifying services market drives the dynamic development of the Fin –Tech industry, having wider and wider impact on the current or future financial services market. The huge potential of this relatively young sector, in addition to cr...

NPCC gathers 76.000 for Akogo?’s children in coma

On Saturday 10 September, the traditional Charity Rijsttafel ball, organized by the Netherlands-Polish Chamber of Commerce, was held in to support Ewa Błaszczyk’s “Akogo?” foundation. During a raffle and auction 76,000 was gathered to support the foundations children that are in a coma or in minimal...