Written in Lipstick’s 9th “Businesswomen of the Year”...

The Written with Lipstick Foundation for Success held their 9th annual “Businesswomen of the Year” awards at the Senator building in Warsaw on Thursday, March 1st. This competition has grown significantly in popularity for nearly a decade, aving received a record number of over 260 applications this...

KNF: insurers with PLN 5.69 bln profit in 2017

Net profit of insurers operating on the Polish market increased to PLN 5.69 billion in 2017 compared to PLN 4.09 billion a year earlier. Gross written premiums amounted to PLN 62.35 billion compared to PLN 55.88 billion a year earlier, the Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) reported.

Cash IT in

The market has never been this good for IT professionals. They have enjoyed special treatment for years now, but current pay trends are staggering. How much longer can this growth continue?
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Real estate continues to attract international investors, despite concerns of a correction being underway. What makes them interested in the Polish market? Which asset classes are they most eager to buy and what can they expect over the next two years? WBJ sat down with Rafał Zięba, Managing Partner...
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WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: Boardroom dancing

Despite having a head-start upon graduation, the number of women board members is still astoundingly small. Call it glass ceiling or sticky floor, women in Poland are less likely to get promoted beyond managerial level. And even if they do get to the top, their pay hardly ever reflects their positio...
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Strength and humility
Interview with Karolina Kaim, CEO of Tacit Development

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: Strength and humility

Being a woman in real estate is not necessarily a disadvantage. What matters more than stereotypes is the resolve and determination to achieve your goals. Karolina Kaim, CEO of Tacit Development, has been involved in premium real estate her whole life. Having created several major real estate enterp...
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Locked content Poland to introduce a new fuel tax

The Ministry of Energy is planning to introduce new fuel emissions charge set at PLN 0.08 per liter. According to the office, the new tax will not result in “direct” growth of retail prices. “Introduction of the emission should not result in the direct increase in prices for retail clients,” the min...