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Morawiecki and Orban to EU: migration policy has failed

EU member states should decide on their own who they want to accept, PM Mateusz Morawiecki said during his visit to Budapest adding that the EU’s migration policy has failed. “In terms of migration and quotas that were to be imposed on (EU) member countries we strongly reject such an approach as it ...

EU launches Article 7 procedure against Poland

In an unprecedented move, the European Commission will ask other EU member states to declare that Poland’s judiciary overhaul constitutes “a clear risk of a serious breach of EU values.” If the states agree, Warsaw’s voting rights would be suspended.
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Putin to Poland: ‘grow up’

Russian President Vladimir Putin during his annual meeting with the members of the press, when asked about the Smoleńsk plane crash said it was time for Poland to move beyond the plane crash, turn a new page, and “grow up.”
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GDP per capita at 68% of EU average in Poland – Eurostat

According to Eurostat data, GDP per capita expressed in Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) in Poland amounted to 68 percent of the EU average in 2016, unchanged compared with 2015. The lowest pps in the bloc was in Bulgaria (49 percent) followed by Romania (58 percent), while the highest was in Luxemb...
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Fitch affirms Poland A- rating, outlook stable

Rating agency Fitch has decided to keep Poland’s A- rating and kept stable outlook unchanged. “Poland’s ‘A-‘ ratings reflect its strong macro fundamentals, supported by a sound monetary framework and solid banking sector. The ratings are constrained by weak GDP per capita rel...
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Power sector might not be able to finance nuclear plant – Fitch

According to ratings agency Fitch, Polish state-owned utilities have no room to increase their debt after 2020 to finance large investments. “Beyond 2020, the four power firms will have no room to increase debt to finance large investment projects,” Fitch Ratings director Arkadiusz Wicik told the Po...
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EU takes Poland to court over migration

The European Union is taking Poland, along with Hungary and Czechia to the European Court of Justice for failing to accommodate their fair share of refugees under an EU-wide relocation scheme.