Locked content KPW asks for changes in Pekao prospectus

The privatization of the Pekao banking group could be delayed again due to further changes to the prospectus that the Securities Commission (KPW) has requested, the Business Journal has learned.

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Copper concern KGHM wants to bid for a nationwide telecom license when such a tender is called, said KGHM’s President Stanislaw Siewierski. He said the company planned to operate in four regions and also would bid for a nationwide license, when the Polish law enables other firms to compete wit...

Locked content Dining troubles are far away at Yesterday

Thankfully Restauracja Yesterday isn’t a Beatles theme restaurant. There are no singing Polish waiters sporting mop-top hair and serving up Strawberry Fields Shortcake Forever. What Yesterday has is a comfortable dining room illuminated with a deep red glow.

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The sixth sense. Got one? Your intuition, or gut feeling about something. Your sense of selling. Is there such a thing?

Locked content Telecom rivals pass the peace pipe

Executives from Telekomunikacja Polska SA (TPSA) and Netia Telekom – normally bitter competitors – dropped their gloves last week to discuss ways of integrating their telecom services and hardware.

Locked content NATO: What next?

Most people were expecting that by this time of March, the U.S. Senate would have voted in favor of Polish membership in NATO, alongside that of the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Locked content NBP tells Amex to get permit for checks

Foreigners visiting American Express offices in Warsaw to buy traveler’s checks in recent weeks have been turned away by apologetic tellers saying that the company temporarily is unable to sell hard currency to anybody who isn’t Polish.