Locked content PTC, Polkomtel, C-Line – or none of the above?

Just over two weeks after three international consortia placed bids for two GSM operators’ licenses, the market is rife with rumors of who has the best chance of taking the pot home, or whether the Communications Ministry will give in to complaints by Centertel partners, annulling the tender o...

Locked content Banking Notes

Bank Inicjatyw Gospodarczych SA (BIG) increased its stake in Bank Gdanski SA to 26.75% from 24.07% through an off-session stock purchase.

Locked content Privatization Notes

The government will prepare a privatization plan of its telecommunications monopoly Telekomunikacja Polska SA (TPSA) this year but is likely to initially offer only a minority stake.

Locked content Rates drop, WSE posts strong gains

With the political rivalry of the presidential election now behind them, the central bank and the Finance Ministry appear poised to work more closely in the coordination of controlling growth of foreign currency reserves meeting inflation targets.

Locked content Business Notes

Trading company Elektrim SA and construction firm Elektromontaz-Eksport SA bought a 75% stake in Polish state-owned electric equipment maker Apena SA. Elektrim took a 51% stake and Elektromontaz acquired 24% equity, according to company sources.

Locked content Breaking the fast in traditional style

A sweet-toothed, overweight hippo Thought to himself, ‘I just don’t care!This business of being a slimmoIs making me pull out my hair!I’m off for a walk into townFor ice creams and cakes I shall down!’So in suit and in tieTo Nowy Swiat he did fly.But….