Locked content Manufacturers accelerate in growing car market

International automobile manufacturers are crowding for pole position in the race for shares of the region’s largest market – Poland. This competition gives Polish buyers a widening choice of domestically produced cars.

Locked content A Fish Story Rings True

For years, Polish fishermen had caught cod for the Danish fish processing company which supplied fish fillets for McDonald’s restaurants in Western Europe.

Locked content Who’s news

Karyn Young, 25, is a new Financial Analyst for Creditanstalt-St.Gallen Investment Fund, moving from her position as a Marketing Consultant with Couderq-Kubas, a corporate real estate agency.

Locked content Capital markets

The Warsaw Stock Exchange will replace by April 18 three stocks in its WIG index which measures the performance of the biggest and the most actively traded companies, Wlodzimierz Magiera, WSE vice-president said.

Locked content Business notes

The overall business climate improved in March as industrial output picked up after a seasonal slow-down, a survey by the Central Statistical Office (GUS) said.