Locked content OBOP sale clears all hurdles to finally reach the finish line

All’s well that ends well.The board of public broadcaster Telewizja Polska (TVP) Sept. 30 approved the sale of 60% of its research firm Osrodek Badania Opinii Publicznej (OBOP) to the U.K’s Taylor Nelson Sofres, ending a more than year-long effort to privatize the firm.

Locked content It’s the music, not the food, that may nauseate you

When I was in India, I never ate locally. Indian food is quite lovely in the likes of London, the curry capital of the world, but one wrong spoonful in Calcutta could have landed this white boy with a Western stomach on the next med-evac plane back home.

Locked content Despite cost, puppies with papers promise less of a mess

Never a big fan of rodents, I nevertheless found the little white mice running and crawling over each other in their glass enclosure somewhat … oh, I don’t know, cute in an ugly sort of way, with their little white bodies, their long, thin tails, their beady, pink little eyes.