Locked content No easy fix for ineffective bankruptcy laws

Poland badly needs updated laws to deal with bankruptcies and a support structure to help judges cope with the complex financial and legal issues at stake, speakers told a Deloitte & Touche conference on bankruptcy in Central and Eastern Europe last week.

Locked content Who’s News

Pat Burke, a tax manager, has transferred to the Warsaw office of Arthur Andersen from New Haven/Hartford, Connecticut.

Locked content Buy Generic or Buy Brand

The Polish market is putting many conventional brand name ideas to the test, raising questions of product loyalty and price versus quality and creating conditions where long-standing generic Polish goods need to find an identity in order to compete against foreign brands.

Locked content Puppy dog close

The easiest way to sell a puppy is to give it to the prospective owner (and the kids) overnight "to see how they like it." Just try to get that puppy away from the kids the next morning. Thus the name "Puppy Dog Close." It is an incredibly powerful sales tool that is used (with v...

Locked content Capital markets

The treasury will offer a 26.1% stake in Gorazdze SA cement plant to the public for a minimum price of zl. 20 ($8.3) per share.

Locked content Quality checks need reality check

Major problems with the Polish government’s safety certification requirements remain unresolved after a three-hour meeting last week between government officials and leaders of U.S. companies operating here. The certification program is scheduled to take effect Monday, May 1, although the thre...

Locked content We spent our entire budget, honest!

"We spent our entire budget" is one of the best put-offs a prospect can give you. But take heart, it’s only a real objection about half the time. Sometimes you can find another budget category, sometimes you can get a bigger boss to make a variation or exception, and sometimes the pr...

Locked content Floating the zoty gaining momentum

Once the National Bank of Poland and the Finance Ministry agree on a modified float of the zloty, exchange rates will become more flexible and the need will subside for what had become frequent adjustments by the central bank.