Locked content Lawyers call for EU hearing on restitution

Attorneys representing 11 Polish Jews seeking compensation for property seized in World War II by the Nazis and later held by the government are asking the European Union (EU) to hold hearings on the issue of property restitution in Poland, the Business Journal has learned.

Locked content Control the sales cycle with contact-management software

Filling your sales pipeline is one thing. Controlling it is another. Ever forget an appointment? Forget to make a follow-up? Not fulfill a promise? Lose a lead? Not record a vital fact? Dropped balls in sales are costly. Loss of credibility, trustworthiness, reputation, and oh yes, lost orders. They...

Locked content Media firms after Danone’s $15 million pie

Food company Danone has put up for review its zł. 60 million ($15 million) media account, currently with Young & Rubicam, a top Danone official confirmed last week.That figure is a conservative estimate of Danone’s media purchasing and planning account as it does not reflect increased adv...

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Taking the approach that the best defense is a good offense, Bank Handlowy and BRE Bank last week announced that they would merge to create the third largest banking group in Poland.

Locked content Capital markets

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) on Monday signed an accord to strengthen regulatory cooperation, which the Polish exchange said was a step toward its joining the planned pan-European trading network within three years.

Locked content Semantics delays new law for leasing sector

If it’s not the little things, it’s the unforeseen. After years of knocking on government doors, leasing executives thought they were on the home stretch in working out new regulations for the sector, and that they would be passed into law later this year.

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Little Lukas Bank looks to beat retail banking giants at their own game.