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When I was 19, my dad made me production manager of his 75-employee kitchen cabinet manufacturing factory. Before I officially took the job, I worked in the shop at each job and set production standards based on what I could produce at each station.

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In such trying economic times, it sometimes pays to consider options previously unthinkable or politically risky. So this week, we present to you a few modest proposals from our company president, Thom Barnhardt, on how to end the Russian crisis.

Locked content A little e-mail etiquette can take the mystery out of your messages

One of my favorite stories, true or not, concerns Conrad Hilton, founder of the famous hotel chain. He was appearing on a nationwide television show one night, and the host said to him obsequiously, "Mr. Hilton, you’re a famous man. Movie stars have slept in your beds; business tycoons ha...

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JUREK ZAWILSKI, 43, recently joined Ellipse advertising agency as its new media director.