Locked content Copper city strives to diversify

For the past 30 years, copper giant KGHM Polska Miedz has brought prosperity to the town of Polkowice in western Poland. But this summer, the town of 25,000 has begun to turn its back on its benefactor.

Locked content JWT head downplays senior staff departures

Ad execs have been buzzing about the exodus of senior staff at agency J. Walter Thompson/Parintex (JWT). At least 12 people have either left or already submitted their resignations over the last two months, sources said.

Locked content JUREK ZAWILSKI

JUREK ZAWILSKI, 43, recently joined Ellipse advertising agency as its new media director.

Locked content Saving Russia: A modest proposal

In such trying economic times, it sometimes pays to consider options previously unthinkable or politically risky. So this week, we present to you a few modest proposals from our company president, Thom Barnhardt, on how to end the Russian crisis.