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Mike Ahern, 34, is Deloitte & Touche’s new partner in charge of the tax and legal department.

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This is the first of a series about successful salespeople. How they did it and what principles they followed."A major sale is really a series of little sales," says Jim Eberhardt. "You must get the prospect to agree along the way." Sales success and Jim Eberhardt. They have a lo...

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Gov’t tries to turn a sow’s ear into a silken purse

Locked content Supreme Court suspends Nasza, tvn licenses

In a surprise ruling, the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA) last week suspended broadcasting licenses granted early last year by the National Radio and Television Council (KRRiTV) to two supra-regional television stations, tvn and Nasza TV.

Locked content New mag hopes to find spot in a man’s publishing world

JMG Magazine Publishing Company is expecting to give birth to a baby boy in mid June. The baby, to be called CKM or Ciekawi Kaldego Melczyzne (In the Interest of Every Man), will hit newsstands next month, joining a small group of magazines targeted at testosterone-ridden readers.