Locked content Poznan top draw on exhibition circuit

Despite growing competition, the Poznan International Fairgrounds should continue its reign as Poland’s exhibition "host with the most" Ą the most space in Poland for trade fairs, the most exhibitors and the most attendees. (Please see List on p. 14.)

Locked content Shipyard shenanigans

There’s lots of ferment on what to do about the failing Gdansk shipyard, despite the adamant no-bailout statement from Finance Minister Grzegorz Kolodko. The Privatization Ministry is talking up the idea of consolidating the super-healthy Szczecin shipyard with the Gdansk one, which most outsi...

Locked content Capital Markets

The Polish unit of HSBC investment sees no immediate reason to allow the government to sell its holding in Bank Gdanski. Following the privatization of Gdanski last year, the state still holds a 39% stake in it, part of which is sought by another listed bank, Bank Inicjatyw Gospodarczych (BIG).