Locked content Shipyard shenanigans

There’s lots of ferment on what to do about the failing Gdansk shipyard, despite the adamant no-bailout statement from Finance Minister Grzegorz Kolodko. The Privatization Ministry is talking up the idea of consolidating the super-healthy Szczecin shipyard with the Gdansk one, which most outsi...

Locked content Capital Markets

The zloty is expected to ease to 2.8 to the dollar by the end of the year from a recent level of 2.61, a Reuters poll of the country’s 24 biggest banks showed.

Locked content Standard & Poor’s reviews Polish sovereign risk rating

An annual review of Poland’s sovereign risk rating by Standard & Poor’s has many hoping for a ratings upgrade in the near future. A team from the agency finished a week-long visit to Poland on Friday and is expected to issue an opinion on the country within a few weeks.

Locked content Company Notes

Trading and industrial conglomerate Elektrim SA will receive a loan of up to $72.5 million from Citibank NA to finance the launch of Elektrim’s cellular telephone venture. Elektrim said in a statement the loan would be used to pay for its stake in Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa SA (PTC), one of two ...