Sales of music albums grew by 12 percent

The retail market of music albums in Poland was worth PLN 294 million and increased by 12 percent year-on-year in volume (8.7 million albums), according to the Polish Society of the Phonographic Industry (ZPAV).

Hard times for Polish lenders

Despite larger revenues recorded in Q3 y/y, 2014 was a difficult year for Polish banking and will have to deal with other issues this year, according to experts.

Ministry of Economy: GDP growth at 3.2 in Q4 y/y

The Ministry of Economy informed Wednesday that the GDP growth slowed down to 3.2 percent in Q4 year-on-year from 3.3 percent in Q3 y/y. The ministry believes that the pace of GDP growth will exceed 3 percent in the coming quarters.

Coface maintains A3 rating for Poland

French credit insurance company has maintained Poland’s rating at the A3 level, unchanged since 2005 when it was increased from the A4 level (in a seven-degree scale). The A3 rating indicates that companies do not always stick to the deadlines, but the risk of insolvency is low. British, Frenc...

More than 2 million employees work in ailing companies

As many as 960,000 Polish workers are employed by companies in a very bad financial condition and 1.2 million employees work for companies in a poor financial situation. More than 2 million workers are threatened by lay-offs, according to a report published by Bisnode Polska, a company specializing ...

Pegaz to establish another consortiums

Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa (Pegaz) is planning to establish consortiums in order to win more contracts and selling technology on the civil market, according to Puls Biznesu daily.