Tablet sales to grow by 44% in 2014

The Electronics Producers Association (ZIPSEE) estimates that the sales of tablets will increase by 44 percent to 2.01 million pieces sold in 2014. Nevertheless, the revenue will grow a lot slower (only by 15 percent) due to the average price of the product decreasing from €161 to €129.

Getin Noble Bank gets EIB loan

Lender Getin Noble Bank has signed an agreement with the European Investment Bank in order to obtain a €100 million loan, the Polish bank said in a statement on Friday.

Twelve firms to join Polish Defense Group

Polish government announced it will transfer 12 defense companies it owns into newly formed Polish Defense Group, a company that will include some of the biggest arms producers owned by Polish Treasury.

Angry Birds spying on smartphone gamers?

It has come to our attention via Super Express that the popular Angry Birds game, played by millions the world over, not least in Poland, is used by the NSA to spy on smartphone users!

Gregorz Molewski invites everyone to go to the movies

Surveys published by pollsters such as CBOS and Ipsos last year showed that 57 percent of Poles don’t go to the movies at all. Aside from the expense (about PLN 25 to see a film at a Warsaw multiplex, for example), Poland is still mostly rural, putting cinemas physically out of reach for many people...

Gofers for the rich folk

You makes heaps of money without lifting a finger. You are chauffeured from one glitzy Warsaw cigar club to the next as you sip Svarovski Alize vodka while nestled in the downy leather VIP section of your Bentley, shielded from the hoi polloi by smoky gray bulletproof windows. When the holidays roll...